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I don't want to die | Asuka Soryu Langley | NGE by Shinkyokai
I don't want to die | Asuka Soryu Langley | NGE
Lately me and RabiRabi took some pics as Asuka and Rei, from Evangelion. 
I really have some kind of obsession for that series so I'm really glad we managed to obtain some really good photos with this cosplay. I'm really attached to Asuka's (and Shinji's, above all) character and it really made me happy to cosplay as her in such a appropriate location. 
I'm happy and really thankful to our photographer, who really made an excelent work ;^; 


|| FB cosplay page -
|| DeviantArt -
|| Instagram - Shinkyokai 

PH :
Future Star! || Kyoukai no Kanata by Shinkyokai
Future Star! || Kyoukai no Kanata
Yaaaay, I was so lucky at my last convention! I was cosplaying as Mitsuki Nase from Kyoukai No Kanata, idol version, and I found these two lovely girls cosplaying as Mirai and Ai! I asked them to take some photos together 'cause they were too cute and here they are! 
I finally managed to cosplay as Mitsuki and I'm soooo happy I found these cuties, thanks again girls ♡

|| Mitsuki Nase ~ Kyoukai No Kanata : Shinkyokai 
|| photo : TikyTheRipper 
|| edit : Shinkyokai 


|| FB cosplay page -…
|| WorldCosplay -
|| Instagram - Shinkyokai 

{ Ai & Mirai }
|| FB cosplay page -…

Over there, princess! by Shinkyokai
Over there, princess!
Ahahahah O M G we're back with a new, absolutely absurd version of Levi and Eren! σ(≧ε≦o)
But I can explain this, I swear! 
Well, we took part to a particular event, located in an huuuuge park near Verona (here in Italy). The location was P E R F E C T for princely costumes and cosplay but there wasn't anything similar in our wardrobe so we said "why don't we cosplay as Levi and Eren but in a differente version?". And so we improvised this. I lent my Levi my Ciel prom dress and I wear my Masato Shining All Stars uniform, adding a little crown and a cloak, and this is the result. We took a lot of wonderful picture and I'm really really happy (´;ω;`) 
I need to return there as soon as possible, THAT PLACE IS MAGICAL! 

AH! RabiRabi and I have a new cosplay Facebook page  R I S H I ⋆ Riko x Shinko
And I have a new singular one too → S h i n k o ⋆ 
Check them out if you like our cosplay >v< Heart 

|| prince!Eren : Shinkyokai 
|| princess!Levi : RabiRabi 

|| photo : TikyTheRipper 
|| edit : Shinkyokai 
Yessir! // F r e e by Shinkyokai
Yessir! // F r e e
So, I just came back from the best con in my whole life where I had one of the best photoset ever. I had so much fun taking these photos and during the convention! I miss every moment spent there with my friends, really, it's so horrible to be at home now .___. 
Buy the way, here's one of my favourite Haru pic from the shooting! I love it so much ;A; 

|| Haru ~ Shinkyokai 
|| Rin ~ RabiRabi 
|| MakotoDaniel
|| NagisaSara

|| photo by dizzymonogatari 


Shinkyokai's Profile Picture
Shinko { 心迩 六道 }
Artist | Student | Other
Shinko. 21. Italy (Padua).
Trying to cosplay since 2011; roleplayer since birth(?).

「Worst fujoshi in the world // Kan ♡ Shō shipper until the end of time」

Hopeless ♥

R I S H I ⋆ Riko x Shinko (FB page shared with RabiRabi) 】
S h i n k o ⋆

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